Assessment Tool

The ECO-Buy Sustainable Procurement Assessment Tool helps you to measure and assess your organisation’s green purchasing status and progress.

Part 1 follows the Flexible Framework, a UK tool that provides a progression from 'Foundation' to 'Leading' in five areas: People, Policy, Procurement Process, Supplier Engagement and Measurement & Reporting.

By answering 21 questions on your organisation’s implementation of sustainable procurement, you will be given a score of entry, bronze, silver or gold. This provides a benchmark of your performance and pinpoints areas that need improvement.

In Part 2, you can record the actual green purchases you have made in different categories to track your improvement annually.

The Tool is based on the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code progress review, an online support service for London based organisations committed to reducing their environmental impact through responsible purchasing.

To find out more about the ECO-Buy Sustainable Procurement Assessment Tool or to register and start using the Tool please go to