BS8903:2010 Principles and Framework for Procuring Sustainably


The world's first standard for sustainable procurement.

Launched in 2010, the standard represents best practice sustainable procurement and provides guidance in implementing and embedding the principles and practices in any type of organisation. It looks at the foundations, organisational enablers, and procurement process that represent the framework of sustainable procurement.

You can buy both the standard and its associated guidance at the BSI website:

BS8903:2010 Principles and framework for procuring sustainably

BIP 2203: The sustainable procurement guide. Procuring sustainably using BS 8903

We have also put together a Quick Guide to BS8903, a short, free summary of the standard for our clients' use. To access the Guide, click the button below.

ECO-Buy offers a strong knowledge of the BS8903 and all training and advice are based on its principles. If you require assistance developing your organisation's sustainable procurement framework, please contact us.