Product category guides

These provide detailed information on individual products or services. Refer to these resources to assist in identifying environmental impacts associated with a purchase and planning how to address and minimise those impacts through the procurement process and specifications.

European Commission Green Public Procurement Criteria

The EU GPP toolkit provides information and criteria on these categories: ICT products, paper, cleaning products and services, food and catering services, office furniture, mobile phones, transport/fleet, electricity, textiles, landscaping/gardening products, buildings and construction, construction materials, road construction and traffic signs, and street lighting and traffic signals.

UK Government Buying Standards

Mandatory and preferred specifications and evaluation criteria for a number of categories including: buildings, construction projects, cleaning products and services, electrical goods, food and catering, furniture, horticulture and park services, office ICT equipment, paper and paper products, textiles, transport, and water using products.

US EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Summarised information about popular environmentally preferable products and services. Category guides including building & construction, carpets, cleaning, electronics, fleets, food services, landscaping, meetings & conferences, office supplies, and paper. There are also specific Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for buying recycled content.

Responsible Purchasing Network Product Guides

Purchasing guides developed by the US-based Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN) including ICT products, paper, toner cartridges, cleaning products and services, food and catering services, bottled water, electronics, transport/fleet, tyres and wheel weights, carbon offsets, electricity, indoor lighting, and paint. Some of the guides require payment to access.

Australian Procurement and Construction Council Guides

Category guides developed by the APCC including business machines, ICT products, print services, paper, cleaning products and services, office furniture.

UNEP: Sustainable Consumption & Production Branch

Sustainable procurement guidelines including ICT, vehicles, cleaning, furniture, stationery, freight, cafeterias, and batteries.

Procura+ Manual

An ICLEI initiative on implementing sustainable procurement. Category guides including buses, cleaning and maintenance, green electricity, food and catering, IT equipment, and building construction/renovation.

Good Environmental Choice Australia Standards

GECA develops standards for best practice for 40 product and service categories.

Business Guide to Reducing Paper Consumption

A useful guide of how organisations can reduce paper consumption in their offices.

Better Practice Guide to Environmental Management

A practical guide to improving environmental management practices, reducing environmental impacts of operations, as well as fostering greater efficiencies and operational cost savings, produced by the Australian National Audit Office.

Green Vehicle Guide

Rates new Australian vehicles based on greenhouse and air pollution emissions, using data provided from manufacturers in testing vehicles to meet Australian standards.

Green Wheels Buyers’ Guide

An online guide to low emission vehicles, defined as those vehicles in the top 25% for greenhouse emissions in their class. Set up by the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) Automotive Partnership, involving RACV, EPA Victoria and Future Climate.

Know Your Paper & Printing Paper

A guide to purchasing recycled content office paper. Includes information on the specifications of all brands of recycled paper available as of 2009.

Paper Calculator

US based tool to help compare different papers, choose the most suitable one and measure its environmental benefits.

Environmental Purchasing Checklist – Recycled Products

A checklist that suggests environmental criteria when purchasing products that can be made from recycled materials.


Planning a sustainable event including reducing waste. WRAP is a UK government organisation that encourages recycling and use of recycled materials.