What are green products?


When defining what a green product is, ECO-Buy starts from the premise that every product purchased impacts our environment, so technically there are only greener products. 

Environmentally preferable products (and services) are those that are less damaging to human health and the environment than comparable or competing products that serve the same purpose.

What is Green Purchasing?

From a purchasing perspective, it’s about buying products that are greener that those you currently buy, with the aim of buying as green a product as is available on the market and that your particular context allows, and to continually improve on this over time.

Genuine green products and services will:

  • Be environmentally preferable to comparable or competing products or services
  • Have attributes that address their major environmental impacts, based on lifecycle thinking and assessment

Green products typically have one or more of the following attributes:

  • Recycled content
  • Water saving
  • Energy saving
  • Low-toxicity
  • Reduced impact on biodiversity
  • Reduced impact on human health


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ECO-Find is not an auditing or accreditation body.  All statements made by suppliers on ECO-Find are made by the supplier and not by ECO-Buy.

ECO-Buy requires suppliers to provide evidence that their product/ service meets the relevant ECO-Find criteria. While every effort is made to verify claims made by suppliers, ultimately the claims are made by the supplier and not by ECO-Buy.

ECO-Find does not assess either environmental or non environmental attributes of listed products and services beyond those contained in the criteria. All statements made on a supplier’s ECO-Find listing are made by the Supplier and not by ECO-Buy.

Products and services listed on ECO-Find meet environmental criteria at the time of listing and that standards and technology change over time. While ECO-Buy has a program of updating its criteria over time and requires ECO-Find suppliers to keep their listings up to date, no responsibility is taken for listings that do not currently meet ECO-Buy’s criteria or are out of date.