Member Webinar - Melton's Award-Winning Green Library

Melton City Council recently presented a webinar featuring the procurement process they used to achieve 5 Green Stars in building their new Melton Library and Learning Hub. Melton’s Capital Projects Coordinator and project manager of the library construction and Sustainability Officer presented and shared their process and lessons learned with other ECO-Buy Members.

The library recently won Melton City Council the Procurement Australia Sustainable Procurement Award for 2013, as sustainability was considered at all stages of the procurement process from design to commission.

Some of the library's features include:

  • using 52% less electricity
  • using 60% less gas
  • using 82% less water than with standard building practices
  • producing 45% less in greenhouse gas emissions
  • and using sustainable building materials and energy efficient design to minimise heating and cooling costs.

It also generated social outcomes by:

  • creating 77 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs during construction and 15 ongoing FTE jobs
  • putting in place a training and business incubator helps to up-skill the community and provides opportunities for economic diversification.
A video recording of Melton's presentation is available in Webinars section of the member resources area.