ECO-Buy Leaders' Forum

As part of our series of Leaders’ Forums, ECO-Buy business and government members got together to discuss supply chain sustainability risk assessment - a topic which was nominated by members. Adam van Haeften, Team Manager – Procurement Risk, and Susannah Kenny, Sustainability Advisor, spoke about Telstra's supply chain risk assessment. They also discussed Telstra’s Supplier Code of Conduct and Sustainability Report, which are available on Telstra’s website.

One key theme of the session was being clear on why your organisation would undertake a supply chain sustainability risk assessment and how you can use the results. We asked participants to discuss these two topics and they brainstormed the following ideas:

Organisations would undertake a supply chain sustainability risk assessment to:

  • Allow for innovation, opportunity identification, transparency and accountability

  • Assist with staff engagement

  • Consolidate suppliers

  • Determine process, timeline and strategy

  • Develop a tracking and measurement system and report results

  • Identify opportunities to promote results

  • Increase understanding

  • Prioritise actions

  • Reduce risks

Organisations can use the results of the supply chain sustainability risk assessment to:

  • Build into strategy

  • Communicate to key stakeholders, develop case studies etc.

  • Conduct ongoing supplier evaluation and monitoring, set expectations and develop supplier capability

  • Develop policy

  • Embed into the change management process

  • Engage staff to act

  • Translate outcomes into steps and objectives

From the presentation and discussions, participants gained a greater understanding of why they would undertake a supply chain sustainability risk assessment and how they would use the findings. They were able to hear key learnings and takeaways from Telstra's experience and look to apply them to their own supply chain and procurement to work towards improved environmental and social outcomes, and reduced risk. 

The Leaders’ Forum is an initiative exclusive to ECO-Buy Members. If you'd like to join our network and be involved in future events, contact Sara. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to hear about these and other events in the future. The next Leaders’ Forum is scheduled for December.