Recycled plastics purchasing toolkit

ECO-Buy is putting the finishing touches to a toolkit to help buyers make better purchasing decisions when considering recycled mixed plastic products through our ongoing project with the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC).

Recycled mixed plastic products are popular in outdoor applications like parks and gardens, road sides, foreshores and car parks as well as agriculture and aquaculture. They turn waste material that is otherwise difficult to recycle into useful products which provide social and economic benefits in the community.

The toolkit offers a wealth of information to help buyers make the most of the fantastic and unique properties of recycled mixed plastics products. The toolkit is also designed to help influence decision makers across your organisation by providing concise, practical advice. 

The toolkit will be available as a series of fact sheets and related tools via the ECO- Buy website.

Topics covered are:

  • Success stories for recycled mixed plastic products
  • How to ensure fitness for purpose
  • Life cycle costing
  • Environmental advantages
  • Getting support for buying mixed recycled plastics in your organisation
  • How your organisation can close the loop with recycled plastic.

Keep an eye out on the ECO-Buy website for the Recycled Mixed Plastic Product Toolkit to be released soon.