Adelaide Green Purchasing Expo Q and A

The ECO-Buy Green Purchasing Expo in Adelaide is coming up on February 26.

This is the first time ECO-Buy has held a Green Purchasing Expo in Adelaide so we thought we would provide a Q and A.

What happens at an ECO-Buy green purchasing Expo?

ECO-Buy green purchasing expos are specially designed to allow potential buyers of green products and services to meet potential suppliers.

These expos are meet and greet style events. The aim is to have a short, vibrant and friendly event where buyers can interact with suppliers. We use a format of table based display spaces, a short duration and invite local organisational purchasers.

ECO-Buy has held Expos of this type in Melbourne since 2009 and the feedback from both suppliers and visitors has been very positive.

Why are we holding the Green Purchasing Expo?

An Expo is a great way for South Australian organisations to discover practical ways they can implement green purchasing.

The Expo supports ECO-Buy’s Members in South Australia, and organisations looking to implement green purchasing in a practical way.

The Expo is also being held to promote the Mixed Plastic Waste Recycled Toolkit that ECO-Buy has developed with the support of the Australian Packaging Covenant and Zero Waste South Australia.

Is there a theme for the Expo?

The overall theme is organisational purchasing – so the focus is on products that can be used by business and government.

However, the Expo will feature the launch of the Recycled Mixed Plastic Waste Toolkit – designed to help organisations buy products made from these materials. To support this there will be a range of suppliers of recycled plastic outdoor products such as decking, bollards, fencing and furniture on display. Associated organisations that offer recycling solutions will also be on display.

Which suppliers are coming?

Visitors to the Expo can expect to see suppliers of recycled content, energy saving, water saving and certified products suitable for use in organisational settings. You can see the full list here.

To support the launch of the Recycled Mixed Plastic Purchasing Toolkit, suppliers of these products will be exhibiting with a wide range of innovative and exciting products made from mixed recycled plastic.

How do I register to attend? 

You can find out more about the Expo and register to attend here.

What if I am a supplier and want to take part? 

Contact us!