Training call for interest

ECO-Buy runs regular training courses to help sustainability and procurement staff implement environmental and social considerations in their purchasing practices.


We offer two standard training courses:

Sustainable procurement fundamentals

This module gives staff a basic understanding of the benefits and considerations of sustainable procurement. Training includes:

  • The what and why of sustainable procurement;
  • What is a sustainable product? Discussion of product examples;
  • Making an environmentally or socially preferable procurement;
  • Supply chain risk assessment;
  • Best practice frameworks for embedding sustainability in procurement.

This is a full-day course. See more details here.

Sustainability in contracts and tenders

This module helps procurement staff incorporate environmental and social criteria into individual procurements. Training includes:

  • Planning your procurement;
  • Understanding life cycle impacts;
  • Sustainability in the tender document:
    • Performance and technical specifications,
    • Evaluation criteria

This is a half-day course. See more details here.


If you would be interested in attending or sending staff to either of these training courses, please contact us to register your interest. Training dates will be scheduled to accommodate demand.

Please note we also provide in-house training if you have a large group of staff.