EnviroShop installs BlueGen fuel cell

BlueGen® is the world’s most efficient small-scale electricity generator. The BlueGen® fuel cell applies cogeneration technology to effectively use 85% of the energy created. BlueGen not only generates on-site electricity, but effectively captures the waste heat to heat your water.

BlueGen connects to your gas supply to:

1. Generate up to 36kWH of affordable, low carbon electricity onsite, 24 hours a day, everyday

2. Heat up to 200Litres of water for ‘free’ every day

3. Heavily reduce carbon emissions – in the Melbourne area, a 1.5kW Blue Gen system is estimated to save up to 20.9 tonnes of carbon emissions

4. BlueGen can be installed on-site uses standard connections, operating with virtually no noise

5. Allow you to monitor your system performance through your own online portal

Case Study – The Bob Hawke Community Centre

EnviroShop recently installed a 1.5kW BlueGen Unit, integrating it with the existing Evacuated Tube solar hot water system for Moreland City Council. After Enviroshop technicians identified that performance of the existing hot water system was limited, they designed a solution that now successfully provides a constant supply of hot water at the right temperature, pressure and volume that offsets a significant portion of the centre’s electricity needs. For more information click here.