Getting to know Net Balance

Following our recent merger with Net Balance, we thought we’d give you a chance to get to know them. Article provided by Cameron Neil, Net Balance Senior Associate and supply chain service group lead.

Net Balance is a purpose-led business, a small firm that’s thinking big, growing organically to be one of Australia’s largest and most significant providers of sustainability advice, assurance, and research. We work to harness the power of organisations to drive sustainability, and the power of sustainability to drive organisations from good to great.

Our connections and passion for social change keeps us at the forefront of what is a rapidly changing local and global landscape. The range of skills at Net Balance – which includes greenhouse and carbon accounting, assurance, sustainability reporting, community investment, sustainable supply chain management,  education and training, as well as economics and policy services – mean that we can assist organisations with all aspects, and in all stages, of their sustainability journey.

Net Balance aims to be known for innovation, thought leadership, and doing things that matter – represented by our focus on ‘Tomorrow’s Agenda’. We help clients develop and deliver strategies to underpin their long-term sustainability. It is difficult to plan for long-term sustainability when it is not clear what tomorrow will bring. Much of our work is therefore about managing uncertainty and building capability to respond to whatever tomorrow looks like. It is what we mean by ‘Tomorrow’s Agenda.’

In keeping with our focus on Tomorrow’s Agenda, and the emerging importance of supply chains to companies and sustainability, the Net Balance supply chain service group was formally set up in 2011. The supply chain service group delivers services across general supply chain advisory, human rights, and sustainable procurement.  The merger with ECO-Buy at the end of last year presents the supply chain service group with significant opportunities to enhance our positive impact and service delivery. The combined sustainable supply chain and sustainable procurement advisory and implementation experience of Net Balance and ECO-Buy, creates Australia’s largest sustainable supply chain consulting group.

Net Balance was founded on twin objectives of being profitable and having sustainable impact; our mission is to lead organisations into a sustainable future through practices that will improve long-term performance as well as benefit people and the planet. Reflecting the purpose-led nature of our work, Net Balance recently became Australia’s fifth Founding B-Corp, a US-based standard for companies that recognises business is about creating broader social and environmental value for stakeholders, not maximising financial benefit for the few. For more on what this means, see our blog post here:

Net Balance has an unusual corporate structure, demonstrating its commitment to shared value models. In addition to ECO-Buy, the Net Balance family also includes the not-for-profit Net Balance Foundation and the Tomorrow’s Agenda Research Institute. This means we are not typical consultants. We are able to draw on a dedicated research team to work on projects with a purpose.  Net Balance invests up to 20 per cent of staff time in the Net Balance Foundation each year.

Net Balance has a team of over 50 passionate and skilled consultants, working from offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and London.

To learn more about Net Balance, visit their website at You can sign up to their newsletter here, and see previous issues. Also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.