Home environment kits from Enviroshop


Want to help your residents save energy?

Want to reach your climate change targets?

Enviroshop provides Home Environment Kits for councils to loan to residents through their libraries. By making these Kits available you can empower your residents to learn how their home performs and what actions they can take to reduce their energy and water use and save money. 

The kit contains:

  1. Energy smart thermometer - which measures hot water temperature, room temperature and fridge and freezer temperatures.
  2. Infra-red thermometer – which measures surface temperatures such as walls and windows.
  3. Energy monitor – which measures energy consumption of your appliances to see which ones need to be used sparingly, and where standby power is being drawn needlessly.
  4. Light meter - to help apply the ideal light conditions in your home and using energy wisely.
  5. Water flow measure cup – which assesses how much water your shower and taps use.