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City of Unley

The City of Unley, South Australia, is recognised for its community spirit, natural and built environment, business strength and innovative leadership. It has a population of almost 40,000 and is located just outside the Adelaide CBD.

The City of Unley is culturally diverse – many languages are spoken, and songs and dances performed. The council focuses on planting many native trees and shrubs to regenerate many areas formerly used for farming and reinvigorate indigenous plant life. Bike riding and walking is supported and encouraged.

SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks operates a distribution network that stretches across South Australia, comprising thousands of kilometres of powerline and hundreds of substations. SA Power Networks concentrates its efforts on achieving regulated requirements for high levels of service, reliability, safety and efficiency. The key services provided to the South Australian community include:

  • Delivering electricity from the high voltage network through poles and wires to your property or business
  • Installing, maintaining and reading meters
  • Providing an emergency response in the event of blackouts
  • Repairing street lighting.