Recycled materials in pavement review

ECO-Buy recently completed a review of the use of recycled materials in pavement construction on behalf of Sustainability Victoria.

The purpose of the review was to determine the current usage of these materials (specifically recycled crushed glass, crushed concrete and crushed brick), identify the barriers to increasing usage and identify options and opportunities to increase the use of recycled materials in pavement construction.

ECO-Buy consulted with over 60 organisations and undertook a desktop review of existing projects and programs.

Stakeholders identified the current major barrier to increasing usage as being a lack of cost-competitiveness of recycled materials in areas where quarried materials were readily available. However, this varied across Victoria, and concern was expressed over the risk that an impending shortage of quarry products may see higher prices passed onto the end user in the near future unless alternative options are available and well understood. For this to occur there needs to be ongoing materials testing, specifications and stakeholder engagement around the use of recycled alternatives.

Sustainability Victoria is currently assessing the findings of the review in collaboration with MAV and VicRoads.

If you would like to find out more about the review or have any questions please contact:

Jane Street, Project Advisor Resource Recovery
T: (03) 8656 6709