Searching for the oldest recycled plastic furniture in Australia!

Phase two toolkit development

ECO-Buy, SRU and Net Balance have been engaged by the APC to investigate strengthening market demand for mixed plastic recycled content products through procurement. We are developing a toolkit that will address many of the issues identified in phase one with the aim to increase the procurement of products containing recycled plastic content. These issues were outlined in the June newsletter and include:

  • Increasing overall awareness of the product applications for recycled plastic materials with a focus on fitness for purpose, technical properties and aesthetics.
  • Raising awareness of the lifecycle costs and savings involved with using recycled plastic materials to enable decisions to be made that take into account longer term cost benefits.
  • Investigating the environmental credentials of recycled plastic materials to provide additional information requested by some participants in the phase one stage of this project.

Through phase two of this project, we have been talking with stakeholders, including both suppliers of recycled plastic products and customers to develop case studies and tools to address the issues identified in the project’s first phase.

A number of interesting case studies have been identified to highlight examples where the connection between waste management and procurement have been utilised effectively to increase both the recycling rates of plastic, and at the same time, the procurement  and use of recycled plastic materials. Case studies investigated to date have provided excellent examples of environmental, economic and social benefits that can be realised through taking a closed loop approach to recycling and procurement. We are using these examples to identify key drivers, benefits and lessons learnt so that these types of partnerships can be rolled out in other locations and sectors. 

How can you be involved? Search for the oldest recycled plastic furniture in Australia.

Many recycled plastic manufacturers make claims that their products are long lasting with little to no requirement for maintenance. Feedback from phase one of this project emphasised that potential buyers want to see examples of this in practice. So, we would like to hear from you if you have an example of recycled plastic product installed in your community or workplace that has stood up to the elements and maintained functionality and aesthetic value over a number of years. You can send in a photo and information about the location, supplier and description of the installation to and we will showcase the best example in the next newsletter. 

Next steps:

With the completion of phase two expected in the next few months, the next phase of this project will involve the toolkit publication and roll out. ECO-Buy will be engaging with project stakeholders to run an event to publicise the toolkit and also provide a networking opportunity for organisations looking to contribute to increasing the use of recycled plastic in Australia.