Update from the CEO

ECO-Buy is a well-recognised and highly regarded brand in sustainable procurement in Australia. Those organisations connected with it recognise this value, and as a result, we have made good progress with membership renewals this year.

Since our establishment in 2000 the organisation has gone through a number of significant changes as we look to develop, secure and strengthen ECO-Buy for the future. This year is another one of change as we seek to continue to develop markets and services.

Recent successes have included projects with the Australian Government to develop a bespoke sustainable procurement toolkit and the commencement of a project funded by the Victorian Sustainability Accord in partnership with local governments to assist them in working with their suppliers to green their supply chains. Our growth in the consultancy market benefits all of our members and clients as we develop our expertise through these projects and can share knowledge of best practice. We expect to make more announcements of projects soon.

At our recent ECO-Find Green Purchasing Expo in Melbourne, the value of ECO-Find and the interest in sustainable products was clear for all to see.

The current economic situation has created a challenging position for ECO-Buy. As a result, we are making some changes to the future shape of the organisation. Strategies we are pursuing include:

·         Increasing the volume of consulting work

·         Partnership arrangements with like-minded organisations

·         Pursuing grant funding opportunities

A key part of ECO-Buy has been our Local Government Program Manager, Kay Yates, and we are grateful to her for all of her hard work. However in these tight financial times it has not been possible to offer Kay a new contract. We wish her well for the future and have decided to fill the role ‘in house’ with our current State Government Program Manager, Lilli McCubbin, who brings considerable experience from both the local government and state government sectors.

I will be writing again soon in order to keep you fully informed of developments in the months ahead, as we deal with these challenges.