2011/12 State of Local Gov Green Purchasing Report


Every year members of the ECO-Buy Local Government Program report on their green purchasing activities. The results are compiled into an annual report which tracks the progress of Local Government in implementing green purchasing programs. Councils are able to reduce their environmental impact by making better choices through their purchasing, by buying green.

Some key findings:

  • Members invested over $54.5 million in 636 environmentally preferred products in 2011/12, including recycled, refurbished and secondhand, energy and water saving purchases.
  • Over 14,383 tonnes of CO2-e were avoided, 81.5 kilolitres of water and 20.3 hectares of land were saved through combined purchase of recycled content asphalt, mobile garbage bins, and paper, as well as compost and GreenPower.

To find out more about what Local Government in Victoria are doing follow the links below. 

State of Local Government Green Purchasing 2011/12 - full report

State of Local Government Green Purchasing 2011/12 - summary

We will be improving this report for future years, and would like your feedback. You will be asked for your email address when downloading the full report, or you can contact us here.