ECO-Buy offers new Green Product Skills Service

A new service available from ECO-Buy allows SMEs to receive heavily discounted assistance to help them identify and improve the green credentials of their products through the Department of Business and Innovation's Innovation Voucher Program.

The Green Product Skills Service has been developed by ECO-Buy for SME's who already have, or are developing, green products, and are looking to build their technical and marketing skills in this area.

The rapidly growing green product marketplace is highly complex and can be a technical and marketing minefield.  The Green Product Skills Service will deliver a package of expertise tailored to the needs of your business, to help identify how your product stacks up against the relevant environmental standards, criteria and industry-leading benchmarks.  It will equip your business with the necessary knowledge and understanding of green marketing to engage effectively with your target market while avoiding false environmental claims.

Applications to access this service are through the Victorian Department of Business and Innovation.

For further details see DBI's website or contact Stephen Reardon.