Managing your IT energy use

The introduction of the Carbon Price on July 1 will mean all organisations can benefit from implementing energy saving initiatives.

With IT equipment and infrastructure being ubiquitous in most organisations, rising energy prices will only make management of energy use by this equipment more attractive.

Implementing a carbon management plan and setting targets for energy management for your organisation has never made more sense.

The good news is that since most IT equipment is networked, energy use can be managed centrally.

Software is available which allows users to monitor and manage energy use of networked items centrally. This not only saves considerable set up time but allows a high level of visibility of energy use across networked devices, enabling operating rules to be set and subsequent energy savings made in most organisations.

So if the introduction of the carbon price has prompted you to develop and implement a carbon management plan for your organisation, think about using one of these energy management products.

Energy management software provider Editure recently listed on ECO-Find. Click on the following link to be taken to their ECO-Find entry: EditureTechnology