New LG Awards through Banksia


We are very happy to announce we have partnered with Banksia Foundation and Net Balance to sponsor a new award, the Local Government Sustainable Procurement Award. The award recognises leadership in achieving environmental, social and economic outcomes through the purchase of goods and services.

The award replaces the former ECO-Buy Awards, and in our view mainstreams it through the twenty-five year old Banksia awards. This is part of our strategy to continue to honour the great work organisations are doing in sustainable procurement in a more manageable form. We will pursue additional opportunities in the future to recognise our state government and business clients as well.

Net Balance is additionally sponsoring another new award, the Local Government Sustainability Award, which recognises organisational leadership by fully integrating sustainability principles and practices into operational activities at all levels and reducing the organisation's footprint.

Both awards are currently open for application, and close on 26 July. We will be encouraging our local government clients throughout Australia to apply for both awards. For more information about the awards visit: