One million KeepCups

ECO-Buy remembers when we were shown the first KeepCups back in March 2009. They were a new product developed in Melbourne to tackle the growing mountain of discarded takeway coffee containers.

After consideration of the environmental benefits, KeepCup was approved for listing on ECO-Find shortly after. At the ECO-Find Supplier Expo in May that year the popularity of the KeepCup was obvious. The success continued with KeepCup being awarded ECO-Find Green Supplier of the Year in 2011.

KeepCup is now regarded worldwide as the premier reusable coffee cup, and has almost become a household name.

Did you know that over one million KeepCups have been sold?

The Age newspaper recently ran a feature on the KeepCup, and its creator Abigail Forsyth. Read the article here:

And did you know that KeepCup have recently released  a new range in AFL team colours?