News and opinion

Periodicals around the world focusing on sustainable supply chain stories.

Green Purchasing Newsletter

ECO-Buy’s own newsletter, covering current issues in sustainable procurement and best practice news and developments in Australia and around the world.

Supply Management: Sustainability

Articles on sustainable procurement, ethical sourcing, corporate social responsibility and supplier diversity from Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) in the UK.

Guardian Sustainable Business: Supply Chain

Articles on best practice corporate sustainability, especially within the theme of supply chain.

Environmental Leader: Sustainable Supply Chain

Articles here focus on efforts by materials suppliers, product manufacturers and retailers to increase sustainability, primarily in the US.

Triple Pundit: Greening the Supply Chain
Articles on best practice supply chain management, especially focused on the business sector and triple bottom line.

GreenBiz: Supply Chain
Articles discussing strategies for supply chain managers to make products green from beginning to end.

Sustainable Brands: Supply Chain Sustainability
Articles designed to 'inspire, engage, and equip' the business community to innovate towards sustainability, particularly in supply chain.

2degrees: Supply Chain
A forum for supply chain professionals and experts to share their insights on sustainability and discuss best practices.

Carbon Trust News & Insight

Articles on how green supply chain can achieve reputational and efficiency gains, savings, and increased revenue from the UK-based organisation, Carbon Trust.