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Alex Fraser Group


Alex Fraser demonstrated environmental innovation by pioneering the recycling of construction and demolition materials over two decades ago and are now Australia's leading supplier of sustainable civil construction materials. Alex Fraser has worked closely with CSIRO and ARRB to ensure recycled materials offer performance that matches or exceeds the characteristics of virgin quarried materials. In Victoria and Queensland, most major freeway, civil construction and municipal projects utilise Alex Fraser recycled materials for their excellent performance and quality characteristics. Most products can be produced wet, dry or cement stabilised and are tested in accordance with Vic Roads specifications.

Product Range: Crushed concrete from recycled concrete, crushed rock, rubble, construction and demolition waste, pavement base, crushed brick, wetmix and stabilised products, crushed glass, crushed recycled asphalt

Peter Richardson, General Manager, Recycling Industries

235 Doherty's Road
Laverton North VIC 3026

P: 03 9371 8000



Availability: Victoria, Queensland

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