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Anibou Pty Ltd


The Artek range has been made in the same Finnish Factory since 1935 and has proven to be extremely durable - both in design and function. Replaceable, heavy duty linen webbing is used to form the seat and/or back of many chairs in the range thus extending their life. Anibou provides this service and, under its Product Stewardship Policy, also agres to accept the return of any Artek product after the original sale provided it involves no expense to Anibou.

Product Range: Timber Framed chairs, stools, tables, benches, coat stands, screens, storage units, and day beds suitable for long term commercial or domestic use.

Neil Burley, Director

726 Bourke Street
Redfern NSW 2016

P: 02 9319 0655

M: 0402 020 401



Availability: Australia-wide

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