Bosch Hot Water


Bosch Hot Water


The Bosch Condensing Gas Hot Water range includes the 26eco+ and the 32C. These appliances are high-efficiency, fully-condensing units. Unlike traditional hot water systems, a condensing unit captures heat from the exhaust gas and uses it to preheat the incoming cold water. The 26eco+ holds a 6.9 STAR rating, making one the most energy efficient gas hot water system on the market. The Bosch 26eco+ was also named the GreenPlumbers Product of the Year for 2009 which demonstrates its contribution to the environment and sustainability. The Bosch 32C appliance is the most efficient Commercial gas hot water system on the market holding a 6.0 STAR rating. The 32C is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, anywhere there is a demand for large amounts of hot water. 

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Product Range: High Efficiency Condensing Gas Hot Water Systems

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