Dulux Australia

Dulux Australia


Dulux Sustainable Solutions offer a number of premium low VOC high performance coating options including Dulux Wash & Wear (Eco-Choice), Dulux Professional EnvirO2 and Dulux Aquanamel. Both the EnvirO2 and Aquanamel product ranges are Eco-Specifier accredited. Dulux Sustainable Solutions extends to the Dulux EnvirowashTM System which is an innovative, water-based paint wash-out and treatment system that turns wash-out into clean water and solid waste. For more detailed information on Dulux Sustainable Products please refer to attachment below. 

Product Range: Low VOC interior broadwall and trim paints

Dr Rod Vockler, Project Leader - Research & Development

PO Box 60
Clayton VIC 3168

P: 03 9263 5813

E: rod.vockler@dulux.com.au

W: www.dulux.com.au

Availability: Australia-wide

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