Eco Office Supplies


Eco Office Supplies


Eco Office® provides a one stop online shop for office products that :

  • contain recycled content
  • are reusable, biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable at end of life;
  • are manufactured from renewable resources or recycled waste materials that have been diverted from landfill
  • are made locally in Australia to reduce the carbon kilometres from manufacturer to consumer
  • are non-toxic and therefore help protect human health, biodiversity and habitat; and/or
  • create few greenhouse gas emissions to produce

Product Range: Australia's first 100% green office supply retailer provides nation-wide delivery of sustainable alternatives to everyday office consumables. The Eco Office® product range includes: recycled paper, envelopes, stationery, toilet rolls, hand towels, facial tissues, packaging, diaries & greetings cards: kitchen and catering supplies; cleaning products & hand soap; recycling bins and bin liners.

Heather Lesley, Director

PO Box 477

Happy Valley SA 5159

P: 1300 69 1500 



Availability: Australia-wide


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