Environmental Enterprises

Environmental Enterprises


Product Range: A range of fully biodegradable and compostable products: compost bags in a variety of sizes, shopping bags, doggy-do bags, clear PLA drinking cups, cornstarch coated paper cups, cornstarch cutlery, cornstarch straws, grass fibre plates & bowls, clear magazine film wrap.

Country of origin. Shopping bags, straws, PLA cups and cutlery: Germany. Cornstarch coated cups: Italy. Compost bags and "Doggy-do" bags: Australia from imported raw material. Cornstarch bags comply with ASTM D6400-99, Din 45900 and OK Compost standards (EN 13432) for biodegradebility and compostability.

Wayne Lever, Owner

42 Hyde Ave
Glenhaven NSW 2156

P: 02 9634 5697

M: 0417 206 755

E: waynelever@bigpond.com.au

W: http://www.environmentalenterprises.com.au

Availability: Australia-wide

ECO-Bonus Incentive: 5% discount on all products



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