Furphys Foundry


Furphys Foundry


Commercial Grade Aluminium is certified 100% recycled aluminium scrap - processed in Victoria. Recycled plastic is 100% recycled HDPE planks from Repeat. With these combinations we are able to produce fully recycled, extremely durable and high quality products.

Product Range: A large range of 100% Recycled Cast Aluminium Street & Park Furniture, combined with a choice of hard wood timbers, recycled plastic, mild & Stainless steel components.

Dan Steele, 

PO Box 1929. Drummond Road
Shepparton VIC 3630

P: 03 5831 2777

M: 0431 910 245

E: dan@furphyfoundary.com.au

W: www.furphyfoundry.com.au

Availability: Australia-wide



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