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Green Collect


The covers of these Upcycled Journals are made from binder folders that were on their way to landfill, and the paper inside is cut down letterhead collected from offices around Melbourne. Through choosing one of our upcycled products you are helping to reduce the consumption of new raw materials, and the energy, water and transportation involved in manufacturing.

But there’s even more to this story. New jobs have been created at every stage of the life of these products. From collection, sorting and upcycling, these products represent the passionate and creative input of many Green Collect staff.

Product Range: Computer Keyboard Magnets (customised words/names), Upcycled Journals

Darren Andrews, CEO

3/250 Barkly St
Footscray VIC 3011

P: 03 9663 8843

M: 0411 696 820



Availability: Australia Wide


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