Oates (Citrus Resources)

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Oates (Citrus Resources)


The products are manufactured from citrus waste and by-products, coconut and vegetable ingredients. Using the amazing cleaning power of oranges, lemons and limes, the products clean fantastically and leave a refreshing citrus aroma

Product Range: ZEST - Bathroom Cleaner, LENCIA - Bathroom Cleaner, ORANGE SQUIRT - Spray and Wipe Concentrate, CITRON - All Purpose Detergent, CITRAFRESH - Natural Carpet Prespray, CITRAWASH - Bio degradable Laundry liquid.

Mark McKenzie, National Category Manager

13-21 Maygar Blvd
Broadmeadows VIC 3047

P: 03 9355 6900

M: 0439 150 594

E: researchproducts@oates.com.au

W: www.oateslaboratories.com.au

Availability: Australia-wide



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