PILA Group Pty Ltd


PILA Group Pty Ltd


PILA's 100% recycled composite wood park and street furniture is manufactured using the highest quality recycled materials. The raw material consists of approx. 60% recycle HDPE and 40% Rice Hull, equaling 100% recycled material.

Product Range: 100% Recycled Composite Wood Street and Park Furniture.

George Worland, Territory Manager

14 Chelmsford Street
Williamstown North VIC 3016

P: 1300 PILA GROUP (1300 745 247)

E: info@pilagroup.com.au

W: http://www.pilagroup.com.au

Availability: Australia-wide

ECO-Bonus Incentive: 10% discount for purchase of PILA's sustainable products. Note EcoBuy on your enquiry.


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