Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd

Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd


Complete rain harvesting systems that protect the home, improve rainwater quality, protect pumps, and reduce maintenance. Leaf Eater rain heads prevent gutters blocking and eaves flooding. First Flush Water Diverters help prevent contamination of tank water by keeping the first, most contaminated rainwater out of the tank. Fire proof gutter mesh - all steel - Blue Mountain Mesh.

Product Range: Complete range of rainwater collection products, tank accessories and all steel gutter mesh systems. Leaf Eater and Leaf Beater downpipe rain heads; First Flush Water Diverters; mosquito proof screens and flap valves; Rain Alert Wireless Tank Level Monitor; Blue Mountain all steel Gutter Mesh.

Jackie Hammond, Marketing Manager

28-34 Reginald St
Rocklea QLD 4106

P: 07 3248 9600

E: info@rainharvesting.com.au

W: www.rainharvesting.com.au

Availability: Australia-wide


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