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Southern Colour’s commitment to a sustainable future has seen us gain a number of worthy accreditations, notably ISO14001 and FSC and PEFC.  The sustainability of a product or process requires an analysis of more than paper content or vegetable based ink content. How a product is printed, distributed, used and recovered is as important as the raw materials it is made of.   

Through regular lifecycle analysis, we measure the effect and impact of the product’s life, from the extraction of the raw materials used in its production and distribution, through to its use, possible reuse or recycling, and its eventual disposal.   

Through proper planning, recycling, quality control and pollution prevention the cost of meeting  Corporate and Social Responsibilities are minimal. Southern Colour’s commitment in this area is unrestricted and through the standards and specifics under the ecolour umbrella we will continue to push the boundaries of minimising environmental impact through sustainable printing processes.

Product Range: Brochures, leaflets, booklets, printed collateral

Tony Cosma, Marketing and Relations Manager

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