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SULO MGB Australia


For several years now SULO has shown a growing commitment to the environment with an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) focus through the establishment of SULO Recycling Services (SRS). SRS is dedicated to the purchasing back of old product and its regeneration into new containers, hence saving valuable resources (raw material and energy) and preventing unnecessary landfill usage. SULO is the only Australian manufacturer to have closed the loop with respect to its product range and has the ability to incorporate up to 40% recycled material in the manufacture of new products.

Product Range: Mobile Garbage Bins and Recycling Containers

Mark Conder, Regional Manager

1950 Hume Hwy
Campbellfield VIC 3061

P: 03 9357 7320

M: 0412 795 808



Availability: Australia-wide

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