Wattyl Pty Australia Ltd

Wattyl Pty Australia Ltd


Wattyl i.d. interior wall finishes have released a new range of formulations very low in volatile organic compounds, typically <1 gram/litre for untinted product. These new formulations are extremely low in odour. One hour after application there is effectively no residual odour, allowing early reoccupation. CSIRO testing has confirmed the dramatic improvement in indoor air quality achieved when the low VOC formulations are used. New i.d. formulations are also APEO free (when untinted), making them safer for waterways. Health and environmental benefits have been achieved without compromising toughness, and wash and stain resistance. Products are approved by the Australian Environmental Labelling Association to Specification 23-2005 as products of Environmental Choice, and Australian Paint Approval Scheme Spec 0215 Low Odour/Low Environmental Impact.

Product Range: Low VOC, Low Odour, APEO-free Interior Paints (when untinted)

Bruce Straub, Research & Development Supervisor

4 Steel St
Blacktown NSW 2148

P: 02 9621 9244

E: bruce.straub@wattyl.com.au

W: http://www.wattyl.com.au

Availability: Australia-wide


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