Wharington International Pty Ltd


Wharington International Pty Ltd


Manufacturers of Recopol[tm] recycled resin mouldings, redeeming engineered grade resins from the automotive, appliance and industrial waste streams from landfill. Specialist fabricators of the sustainable alloy Stainless Steel. Extended warranties. Environmental Pledge to take back furniture at end of life for remanufacture.

Product Range: Sustainable Commercial Furniture -Executive and Task Chairs, Tub and Lounge Chairs, General Seating, Sofas, Stools, Tables, Workstations and Outdoor Seating. Moulders of Recopol(tm) recycled engineered grade resin. For the garden the GreenerGarden Range of Stakes and Planter Pots. For the workshop the ErgoCreeper(tm) ergonomic mechanic's skid.

Yvette Karklins, Marketing Manager

48 - 50 Hargreaves St
Huntingdale VIC 3166

P: 03 9544 5533

M: 0417 339 031

E: sales@wharington.com.au

W: www.sustainablefurniture.com.au

Availability: Australia-wide

ECO-Bonus Incentive: For every $1,000 spent on sustainable furniture you have the choice of: 6 Recopol (tm) tree stakes or 1 Exterior planter pot or $90 donation to local Landcare or environmental group of your choice



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