Recycled Mixed Plastics Purchasing Toolkit

ECO-Buy has developed a toolkit to provide buyers with independent information on the features, uses and specifications for recycled plastic products. It will assist Australian purchasers make informed enquiries and better decisions on appropriately utilising these materials.

What is mixed plastic?

Mixed waste plastic is plastic that has a high likelihood of going to landfill because it falls outside normal recycling collection systems. It includes plastic that is difficult to sort, not collected by kerbside systems, or is difficult to process in conventional systems. Examples include commercial, agricultural and industrial films and packaging, plastic hard hats, sterile wrap, shopping bags, and soft plastics. 

Typically mixed plastic waste is Polyethylene – including HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE. Sometimes other plastic are processed – for example Polypropylene and Polystyrene.

Applications for recycled mixed plastic

The range of applications is growing all the time. Currently mixed recycled plastic is used to make robust outdoor products including bollards, benches, fence components, decking and walkways, and signs. However the plastic can be used for lots of other applications too.

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Toolkit Resources

Use the Factsheets and resources below to find out more about how to best use Recycled Mixed Plastics in your projects. 

Why use recycled plastic products?

Find out why recycled mixed plastic is the best outdoor material in Factsheet 1.

Saving money with recycled mixed plastics

Find out how recycled plastics can save you money in Factsheet 2.

Making sure your product is fit-for-purpose

A design guide for using recycled plastic products in Factsheet 3.

The environmental business case for buying recycled mixed plastic products

Find out why recycled plastic is a low toxic and environmental preferable alternative in Factsheet 4.

Encouraging your organisation to purchase recycled mixed plastic products

A simple guide to getting all the staff in your organisation bought in to the use of recycled plastic products in Factsheet 5.

Case Studies: purchasing recycled mixed plastic content products

Some great examples of innovative organisations closing the loop by buying recycled content plastics in Factsheet 6.

Recycled mixed plastic costing calculator

Download the tool to compare the life cycle cost of recycled plastic with other common materials. 

Costing calculator

Supplier contact list

Download the list of key suppliers of products made using recycled mixed plastics.

Supplier contacts

If you are a supplier and not on this list, contact ECO-Buy to find out if you are eligible to be on the list.