Social Procurement Toolkit

Social procurement involves using procurement processes and purchasing power to generate positive social outcomes in addition to the delivery of efficient goods, services and works.

This social procurement toolkit was created as an extension of Social Procurement: A Guide for Victorian Local Government (the guide) published by the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) and the Victorian Government. The guide was developed to support Victorian councils by providing a high-level information overview of social procurement. It was the first social procurement guide of its kind in Australia.

The individual tools in this kit were developed to provide councils with further information, guidance notes and templates as part of a practical step-by-step guide for incorporating social procurement into every stage of the procurement process. Landell Consulting developed the toolkit and the associated materials, tools and templates as a pro bono project. The toolkit was informed in extensive consultation with key stakeholders and local government procurement specialists. The toolkit is an extension to the activities undertaken by DPCD, through Local Government Victoria and the Community Development Group, the Department of Human Services and Social Traders on social procurement in local government.

The toolkit includes:

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