Step 5: Project Implementation

Contract monitoring and reporting are important activities when undertaking any procurement process, social procurement is no different.

With respect to social procurement, tracking and reporting serves to:

  • determine the effectiveness of an organisation’s social procurement initiatives
  • inform decision-making about the existing and future project design and management, including lessons learned
  • assist in the integration of sustainability into organisational operations, resulting in enhanced operating efficiency and cost savings
  • drive and promote transparency and accountability and meet disclosure expectations
  • reinforce organisational commitments and demonstrate progress to staff and stakeholders, thereby enhancing staff satisfaction, thereby improving service quality and their overall confidence in the organisation
  • improve internal governance
  • facilitate the exchange of lessons learned between organisations
  • enhance participation by various stakeholders in decision-making and governance.

It is important to note that for tracking and evaluation to be most accurate, the monitoring and reporting mechanism for social procurement must be planned for early in the procurement process and must align with the key performance indicators.

Monitoring and reporting of social procurement outcomes (pdf)